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Regal leather

Tärnsjö garveri supplies leather to the Royal house of Sweden. 
And when you get one of our products,  to You as well.

The art of vegetable tanning leather is thousands of years old. Since 1873 Tärnsjö Garveri has been using these time-tested methods.

Because the aesthetic of vegetable tanned leather is unparalleled and the patina that it develops with use over time cannot be produced any other way.

It is also the only way to produce premium leather of desired quality while at the same time respecting our environment.  


With proper care and maintenance, vegetable tanned leather will age naturally, develop a beautiful patina and last for generations.

When exposed to sunlight vegetable tanned leather will change tone of color. Warm and dry air will dry out the leather if it is not regularly treated.


We recommend Leather Master Protection Cream to protect the leather. When producing furniture or interior details we recommend to treat the leather with Protection Cream before starting to use the products.
When needed, use very small amounts of leather oil and grease.

The leather can change look and hand-feel and can also get a darker color tone from these type of products. We recommend Tiptop, a natural wax from beeswax, lanolin oil and coconut fat.


When cleaning the leather we recommend Leather Master Soft Cleaner or a very mild leather soap.

Some chemicals and cleaning detergents can effect the surface of the leather and make it duller. Always test a product on a smaller area of the leather before applying it on the whole hide.

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