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Behind The  Brand

Camilla Wellton

A Creator, Entrepreneur, Fashion designer, Music Producer, Lover of Strange Beauty and and Proud Mom.

She is We got cookies’ Founder, Designer and CCO.

Camilla is also the Founder, Designer and CCO of eponymous Swedish high-end fashion brand.

She also produces an eclectic mix of music under the alter ego Gyndroid. 

Here’s a selection of her tracks!

About us

We got cookies, although founded by Camilla Wellton, wouldn’t exist without the community it was inspired by, born into and then nurtured by.

Big ups to Ullix, Stefan, Mohammed, Marcus, Rebecca, Technobastun, Ossian, Diana Rada, Oh Well, Dekadance, Ty, Viveka, Alma, Johan, Dima, Natalia, Johanna, Emma, Maxwell, Dominik, Tobias, Mats, Ante, Harley Queen, Elva, It is lit, Andy Buru, Karl Anton, Billie, Gustav, Fredrik, Cato, Laserboy, Ola, Sofia, Dorthe and many many more in the underground club and kink scene of Stockholm!

Fashion design

Because of the many years of work as a fashion designer, Camilla’s approach to harnesses is to design them as  the ultimate fashion accessories.

Instead of having to change your entire outfit to get ready to go out at night, you can just slip on the right harness to go from now to wow.

Minimal effort for maximal effect.