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Women's  Daytime Styles

The Perfect fashion accessory

Uplift and vibe shift any outfit into something that makes you stand out.

Our products add a touch of elegant edginess to your daytime style.

They have the power to transform a basic outfit into something spectacular.

Madame harness long line

Adore harness long line

we got cookies everyday harness

Everyday harness

we got cookies fashion accessories

Fey harness

Adore harness

Unicorn harness

Jewel harness

Corset belt

We got cookies Preppy suspender

Preppy suspender

Gorgeous harness

we got cookies fashion accessories

Boss babe harness

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Spice for your clothes

Made in the most luxurious sustainably produced leather Sweden has to offer:

Tärnsjö leather

Being aware about what you makes look and feel good:

Use our products to cultivate your personal style and sensuality!

Go from a casual outfit to an after work look with just a change of harness!

Styling has never been easier